ECO Treats Homestay Apartment always expect and respect self discipline and self management with ethics of all guests as responsible tourists.

This page present simple manual as an operational guide for this serviced apartment;

  1. 24 hours service to be provided for check-in and check-out with the maximum convenient for the guest.
  2. When check-in you will get the main key for the apartment and all other sub keys (inside rooms and equipments) to be kept at the apartment. It is the responsibility of the guest to keep safe the key and if she/he expect we can keep the key when go out at a safe place with a different locking and self key management facility.
  3. Entrance floor is tiled with world famous Lanka Tiles, living area is also with the wood finished Lanka Tiles, bedroom also crafted with world famous Rocell bathware and the bedroom floor is covered with two layer standard floor carpet.
  4. Expect to well use and manage the kitchen and all its equipments including cooker, microwave, toaster, UV water filter, cutlery set, set of other items including liquid soap container etc.
  5. Dining table is available with 4 chairs and all required cutlery set, plates, cup and sources etc.
  6. Expect to well use and manage lobby including Sony home theater system, Panasonic flat TV, PEO TV connection.
  7. Expect to well use and manage the bedroom with king size bed, reading lights, night lamps, wardrobe, office table, dressing table, and bedside stools and dressing table stools. Folding ironing table also available.
  8. Standard bathroom is with natural ventilation, hot water shower, cupboard, and all other important facilities and features
  9. Two Inverter type AC machines are available and one is for living area and other is for bedroom
  10. All bedroom lines, pillow and other materials are provided
  11. Refrigerator and Samsung washing machine also are available in the apartment.
  12. In the balcony grass carpet, outdoor furniture and electricity supply for evening work and leisure are provided in this apartment
  13. Extra garden with natural grass, waterfall, flowers and fruits are also available
  14. CCTV camera system is established for the safety and the security for this apartment

Guest has to make sure to use this property and all equipment properly. If any considerable damage happen to the property, guest and owner should discuss and decide the damage cost which should bear by the guest if the responsibility is with the guest.