Dear Guest,

Welcome to ECO Treats Homestay Apartment!

This page presents our house keeping rules. These are in addition to what you have already accepted when you book with reservation sites and platforms (if it is applicable). As we have already communicated we expect and respect responsible guests and responsible tourism self disciplines and the respect and acknowledgement of basic ethics and human values which promote equal respect for all without their differences. We as responsible global citizens and professionals always pay more attention on our children, women, differently able people and other vulnerable people in the society. Therefore we expect all our guest also will respect those fundamentals as good practices expressed and explained by international organizations who promote tourism.


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Some of the key rules are listed below;

  1. We accommodate responsible and ethical guests those who do not do any illegal and inhuman practices under any circumstances
  2. Smoking if not allowed in side the room. However if it is unavoidable then you can use the balcony area. WE encourage not to be a smoker which is not good for the health of you and us too
  3. Guest has to always aware the property owner when bring outsiders to the apartment. If they stay as per the agreed per day rate to be paid
  4. When you reserve more than 7 days we expect the guest to pay the electricity bill for the stayed period. Separate electricity meter and bill is available for monthly reserved guests.
  5. When more than 7 days we will clean the apartment once in 3 days and extra clearing will cost a small fee of 5 USD per cleaning. Weekly full cleaning to be done. However for daily basis users daily cleaning is to be done without extra cost.
  6. When you stay more than 20 days after 20 days you have to bear the cost of inputs such as shampoo, soap, washing machine liquid etc. as consumables. We can provide those at the market rate or from our home at a very small extra or the true cost
  7. If any physical property and the equipment is damaged due to the activity of the guest, the guest has to make the required payment (mutually agreed) to replace or to repair this damage cost
  8. Each guest has to sign with all the information in our guest registration book as part of the government of Sri Lanka Homestay guest registration guidelines. This includes, full name as per the official passport, passport no, address including the country, mobile number and the email. Each guest has to sign our guest registry before occupied.
  9. If the given key is lost, the guest has to pay the cost of the replacement of the key
  10. Guest should not make use any of support staff or cleaning staff for personal things without approval of the owner.
  11. We always encourage to keep the communication and the required approval from the house owner for all such situations to avoid mis-communications and disappointments


The following are the official numbers when you need for any urgent situations;

  1. Mr. Samantha Pathirathna (Owner) – +94 716 11 22 99 – at any time
  2. If owner is not available – Day time – +94 112 870 500 (Office)
  3. If owner is not available – Night time – +94 11 44 93 815 (Home)

Emergency Numbers for guests;

  1. Government of Sri Lanka Tourism Information Contact No : +94 112426800 /+94 112426900
  2. Information Hotline – 1912
  3. Tourist Police Hotline: +94112421451
  4. Emergency Complaint to Police is 119
  5. Emergency FREE Ambulance Service Hotline 1990
  6. Closest Registered Medical Doctor (within 20 m) Contact Number – 0112865515
  7. Closest Private Hospital HEMAS Hotline 0117 888 888
  8. Closest Semi Government Hospital – 0112 778 610
  9. Fire Department Kotte – 0112 879 444