Colombo Sri Lanka ECO Treats Homestay Apartment is now Open!

We are a Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) approved Deluxe category rented Tourists Apartment in Colombo Sri Lanka.

You are our priority and we treat you in a way that you will never forget. We assure you that the stay with us will be unforgettable. Your privacy is our priority, but it’s also good to know we’re there whenever you need us. Our dedicated staff is here to take care of you from the moment of booking to the day of your departure.

Make yourself at home, and put your feet up. The apartment has been carefully designed to create a clean, modern and spacious living area. They’re fully-equipped for day to day living, with fitted kitchens, Complimentary Wi-Fi and Widescreen TV’s. And, we can guarantee you’ll always rest in ease with the unmatched service of our staff as well as the privacy that we provide.

Guests can enjoy the restaurants and night life within reach of the apartment. There is a wide range of restaurants and bars in the area.

Local attractions include Diayatha Uyana, Walking path Thalawathugoda,The Kotte museum,Kotte rajamaha Viharaya,Ape gama, Independent Arcade, Shopping malls, art galleries, national zoo, exceptional natural beaches, Colombo museum, film halls, ship restaurants, religious places,  as well as Laksala and Garton’s Ark which is one of the best places in Colombo, all within close proximity to the apartment. We will make necessary arrangements with jeep, car, three-wheel, motor bicycle or push bicycle travelling and transport as per your wish and request. We will arrange any other tour packages also as per your requirement. So you no need to worry on your tour just reserve Homestay Apartment as your stay and we will then take care the rest of the holiday.

Why Sri Lanka to be your next travel destination?

If golden and sunny beaches, rising waves, misty mountains with lush greenery, mighty elephants and leopards, a majestic past with a proud history, lovely tea and warm smiles could sum up a country, that would be Sri Lanka.

To experience the island to its peak and its beauties all within one homely stay.We assure that the stay will gather only the pleasant memories of this country blessed with beauty.

Why Homestay Accommodation?

Homestays are not only more affordable than hotels but offer meal options too. Which allows you to try the local food – homemade style. In addition, living with locals affords you a fully immersive experience in the local culture and will provide the best recommendations for places to visit. If you are looking for an affordable place, to feel like you would at home, and immerse in the local culture, then a homestay would be the best choice. The Home Stay program will have a special feature where tourists will have a first-hand experience of local culture and lifestyle which most of the tourists look for in their travel.

Why ECO Treats Homestay Apartment?

ECO treat is an exclusive self- managed apartment with a value-added business service which will provide you with a number of opportunities within one reach. The locality and environment are suitable for the tourism purpose The mini- auditorium/boardroom provides a chance for official work as well. The staff is capable to provide a trilingual support service for your convenience.

The sitting area/hall has adequate, good quality furniture/seating arrangement in a very good condition befitting the respective theme together with a sound system Wi-Fi facilities and a Television.

The safety and privacy of the tourist are assured especially within the bedroom/ sleeping area with curtained suitably fitted and covered to provide the privacy expected by the tourist. Clean and comfortable bedding/sleeping arrangement will be provided in keeping with the respective theme.

Necessary security accessibility arrangements are available for the safety of the tourist. When mentioning of facilities we have sensor lights as well as CCTV services to provide you with high security and safety and also a lobby area with inverter A/Cs. We also have an architecturally designed light system. A proper parking arrangement (with adequate security) is available. And we are always ready to provide you with vehicles(SUV, small car, bicycles and a three-wheeler) for travel purposes if you need.

The bathroom is inbuilt with the highest quality and standards of Rosell; the whole interior designing of the bathroom is done to perfection. Natural ventilation and also cleanliness is maintained throughout.

The bedroom including a small office area is available for your convenience. All the accessories, as well as the furnishing, are assured of the high quality and standard. Space is utilized very well. Seasonally rotating paintings by local artists are sure to please your view. We are always ready to convert the themes to suit your need.

There is a small garden well laid out and maintained in a manner befitting with an artificial waterfall to spend the evenings to gain tranquillity and enjoy the environment at the same time.

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Some of the very famous places to be visited are visualized below together with logos of international restaurant chains available in and around the apartment (Nugegoda and Rajagiriya).

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