Covid19 Hit Tourism back in Sri Lanka soon

1. We have successfully added a novel homestay with eco-destination tourism as a community tourism in Sri Lanka. We market all our services through Airbnb as our exclusive partner. 

2. Our target was to establish 1000 women led Homestay and ecotourism units in Sri Lanka (not traditional homestays)

3. Since with the Covid-19 our new plan was not implemented. But our model is tested and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) approval for this model apartment was received.

4. With this project we are going to select at least 100 women led homestays and eco-destinations (around their homestay) and then keep them heal and get ready to future of the tourism in Sri Lanka

5. Initially we will register those 100 units with Airbnb and all photo taking and video taking all can be done even the time of social distancing and curfew.

6. Then as a start we will add exclusive eco-destination experiences to those 100 profiles and market as Airbnb novel virtual experience sharing

7. So then those 100 women and the society in general again feel on positive on the tourism

8. Once we get this Covid-19 issue resolved we will re-start tourism. And then we will certify them with new hygiene and health standards to face any such kind of situations. In this regard National Craft Council of Sri Lanka also requested to add Craft-persons to this project.

9. Then this will be a model for Sri Lanka and rest of the world also how we can positively move a disaster time

10. We will then build a network and initiate Homestay Hosts Association in Sri Lanka to build a policy advocacy network

11. We have already talk to relevant government authorities and therefore, we are at a very good position to start the project immediately.

If you are get ready with this new project, please click this and send your basic details so that ECO Treats TEAM will contact you for the registration.